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Healing & Testimonials

The following facts are from people who have received or witnessed healing given from Professor George Canning in their own words [sic]

Professor George Canning, Manuel Pinto-Coehlo and Roger Spry (l to r)


Dear George, Firstly many thanks for very kind hospitality. It was much appreciated. Please find enclosed a little reminder from me, a tape with 90 minute of continuos music. You certainly have a family to be proud of, George Jnr, the Girls and Joe are very special people and I deem it a privilage to work along side with you and them. I am working continually with Terry Lawless. Just give me a couple of weeks and I am certain I will convince him. You make your art look so simple. That is true genius, natural, unpretentious and above all REAL, don't ever stop. Thanking you once again, I cant wait until our next meeting,

Love, peace and happiness

Yours in sport

..........Roger Spry

" I have been blind for 12 months and since George has been healing me I have been feeling great. I was told by my specialist that I will never regain my sight again. As I am a minister I came to George with an open mind. He has treated me and already Ihave been able to see slight visions in my eyes. Before George healed me I was totally blind "

...........Pastor Ted Pokaia

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Thank you for contacting the Professor. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Professor is now in his 80's and has retired from healing and semi- retired from the Martial Arts


On this page you can read the kindness from some of the people he has helped over the years......

I AM EVAN..... These three words hold such pure emotion. The professor received an amazing phone call from a lady called Mary ( Evans grandmother) who lives in the USA. She wanted to tell him that Evan was doing very well. He is now 12 years old. At each important milestone of Evans life his mother kept in contact with the Professor seeking healing for her blind, deaf and dumb son. A short documentary about his journey though life is here.

July 2018

I first started Martial Arts in 1998 which I can say today is the best thing I ever did in my life so far.

The reason I started the training?.....It all started with me having serious back problem.......

I went to all the doctors, physio's etc and none of them could help me. They gave me relief maybe for a couple of days but that was it. I would come home from work in the evenings, have my dinner then go ly on the floor or go to bed with the discomfort I was in.

I could write a book on it but I'd rather put it all behind me.

Anyway my uncle was talking to a man one day and he mentioned the condition I was in.The man told my uncle that he had a back problem and he went to this 'Karate Man' in Dublin and he had him sorted in less than 2 mins, so my uncle mentioned it to me and my dad to see what we thought. Within a few days my uncle was driving me to Dublin to see this 'Karate Man'.

I remember this day so well. My uncle did not know Dublin very well and I did not know where I was. We arrived after so many wrong turns. We met a man at the door who was very welcoming and he introduced himself as Professor George Canning. So in we went, told him the problem I was having and within minutes he could tell me what was wrong with me. He manipulated me, chatted for a few minutes and then we left in shock.

I felt great for a week or so then got back to the same way again. My father then gratefully took me back up to the professor to see if anything could be done. The Professor put a plan to my dad that he would come up evey Sunday and I would go down on a Saturday to train at Martial Arts and we accepted it.

What a change this was for me. I was always interested in Martial Atrs but kept it to myself. I set up a little dojo in the shed down at the farm and it all started from there. I was all so strange because the neighours were all talking 'as they do' that I was kickboxing!

Training was going good, always something different and interesting but it was very tough for me as my back was weak and still giving me discomfort. My family were telling me to stop going down to that cold shed and trying to put me off the idea of training so I gave it up for about 3 months.................

I was going downhill badly again so I decided one Friday evening to phone the Professor to ask if I could go back training and he gladly said yes. What my parents and I forgot was that the Pofessor said at the begining that it could take months or even years for me to get better. I knew there was something different about this man and he knew what he was talking about.

I got back into training again after months of hard work. Things progressed great from then on. It was tough and I mean that but the Professor pushed me until I became stronger and eventually became free from the discomfort which I had been in for many years.

The training not only restored me back to full health but is very beneficial to me in every day at work as it gives me confidence to talk to people, to read people and be basically more alert to what happens around me.

The Professor......... I cant describe in words what a great and powerful man he is in both mind and body. I came from nearly being in a wheelchair to becoming a European Champion Kickboxer.

This you cannot explain to anyone!!!!

The Professor is my superior and I owe him a lot. I still am training away and enjoying it more all the time.

What a lucky man I am.


So THANK YOU Professor Canning, You are the Best ...................................

................Pat McParland - July 2009

In hospital he visited me and I told him that I was getting 3 units blood on Friday. George did his bio energy and said I would not need the blood and he was right, I did not.................BB


" I was walking with the Professor one morning when he saw a little bird in the middle of the road. He picked it up. I warned him a car was coming but paid no heed. As we stood on the side of the road I watched as he checked the bird. He told me the injury was on the right side. As he gave the bird therapy, its eyes got brighter and then it moved slightly. Seconds later it hopped on his finger and then settled back comfortably in his palm of hid hand. We walked a little further til he found a suitable place to leave the bird but the bird did not want to go. After some coaxing it hopped onto the fence and spread it wings. He said the bird will rest there a while, it is getting better. On our return we noticed the bird had gone. Many thanks to a great teacher from a your grateful student "

Vivian Lopez - July 1988

" I came to see George to see if he could help me. My name is Adele Ballie. Over a year ago I was diagnosed as having cancer in the left lung. I have had 5 treatments with George. He has the ability to relieve me from pain and he has raised my blood count levels to the highest level I've had in a year. I have faith in George to the extent that he can cure me free of this cancer. This treatment is highly recommended"...........

........Adele Ballie

" George gave me incredible relief from severe back pain within a few short minutes. THANK YOU GEORGE. You are an incredible healer "


....Jasmine McDoyalt

" Dear George, what would we do without you? Tears of joy are now streaming down my face. My husband has Motor Neuron Disease and you and your wonderful team have him up and out of his wheelchair "

Craig & Chris Mallett

"Dear George, What a marvellous experience since I came to see you last Sunday 1.45pm. I have been a diabetic for the last 3 years and have been on the medication of 850gms glucohage. Since I have been back to see you on 2 other visits I've never been back on my medication. I FEEL MARVELLOUS....Thanks to you for all your help, I feel marvellous, All the best........"

........Hine Grindlay Q.S.M.

Pictures from Fighters Martial Arts Magazine